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LET THE EARTH BREATH : Earth Day 2022!

LET THE EARTH BREATH : Earth Day 2022!

“The world is not ours, the earth is not ours, it’s a treasure we hold in trust for the future generations”, - Kofi Anan

Have you ever considered how hazardous that is to our health? More than ever before, enlisting the help of the youth is crucial, particularly students who possess an understanding of how to care for the environment. What are your thoughts? Are you ready to battle for our Mother Earth's survival?

What You Can Do To Help Save Mother Earth

  • Lunch Waste Must Be Eliminated
  • Instead of buying from a convenience store, why not pack some vegetables and fruits in a lunch box? Isn't that the healthier option? Purchasing bottled water and cold beverages,  why not bring your own mug or tumbler with you? We can save money, be healthier, and help the environment in this manner.

  • Avoid Littering
  • Trash cans and containers can be found across the campus. Isn't it simple enough to toss your candy wrapper into one of them? If there are no trash cans nearby, why not put it in your bag first and then throw it away?

  • Reduce Paper Consumption
  • Don't toss your notes in the trash! It can be used to reprint an essay or article, or even to create artwork! This isn't going to bite you. Have faith in us!

  • Save Electricity
  • If the lights are not in use, turn them off. If your electronics aren't in use, unplug them. If the air conditioners aren't in use, turn them off. Will you just disconnect them and turn them off? You're aware of how it works.

  • Save Water
  • DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF WATER. If necessary, make use of it.

  • Reusable Bags
  • If you're planning to buy anything in a store, instead of buying plastic bags, try utilizing reusable bags. As a result, you may aid in the reduction of pollution and trash in our country! Invest in environmentally friendly bags!

    Nature has demonstrated complete love and care for humanity. Our beautiful Earth, as well as the people who live on it, must work. It is possible to take what is provided. Let us not forget that the Earth is the source of our existence. Let us all work together to save Mother Earth.

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