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Smart Knee Massager Laser Heated Air Massage Physiotherapy

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Color: Knee Massager

Never too late to maintain your knee. Should Be Early!
This knee massager combines a variety of practical functions. It's very beneficial to maintain the knee joint. The knee joint moves more frequently and is more likely to be injured than the hip and ankle joints. Airbag compression kneading & hot compress & electric impulse massage & red light therapy & vibration.

Sitting for a long time causes poor blood circulation. Long-term working in humid and cold environments,  strenuous exercise, excessive labor, will cause damage to the knee. Preventive maintenance is better than treatment, so it needs to be arranged early. The earlier the knee joint is maintained, the health is better. When there is obvious discomfort, it is a more serious situation. It's a great gift for parents. 
However, please note that this product is not a therapeutic instrument, it only plays the role of maintenance. If you have serious physical problems, please see a doctor in time. 

High-tech combination, giving you the most comfortable knee massage.

Hot Compress & Red Lights Therapy 


  •  Imitate Artificial Massage: 5-level airbag wrap, relax knee soft tissue, by squeezing the knee around the airbag. Automatic filling and relaxation to achieve the effect of massaging the knee
  • Warm Heating: 14 kinds of temperature selection speed up blood flow in the knee joint, temperature penetrates the skin, relaxes blood circulation, soothes skin blood circulation.
  • Photosensitive Radiation: built-in infrared light, penetrates muscles, makes cells more energetic.
  • Magnetic Physics: Releases healthy magnetic energy. The built-in energy magnet helps balance the magnetic field at the bottom of the muscle, releasing a healthy magnetic force and speeding up pain relief.
  • Relax pain from the inside: solve knee problems


  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Product size: about 21.5 x 16.5 x 14.5cm
  • Box size: about 26.7 x 17 x 17.5cm

Package List:

  • 1 X Knee Massager
  • 1 X Instructions
  • 1 X USB cable


Product Sizing: