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DIY Sundial Science Shadow Fixed Time 3D Printed Digital

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Color: White

The Holiday Creative Gift That You Can Put in The Sun, No Need to Charge The Battery

The Digital sundial displays the current time in real-time, requires no batteries, simply place it in the sun. The time is updated every 20 minutes, and the display can be changed within 10 minutes. The time is accurate and can be used for practical purposes. The digital sundial uses 3D printing to produce a fine structure that is not a hacked-up version of a simplified structure made by an ordinary factory.













Note:  Be sure to remove the breakable support material on the 'bottom part' (the two thin half-cylinders inside). Please leave a message to tell us Which Hemisphere you want, Northern or Southern.

To get the best display, set the angle between the ground and the gnomon to In spring and summer: your latitude - 10° In fall and winter: your latitude + 10° To adjust for daylight savings, you rotate the gnomon around the top-most screw.
Color can be chosen, When placing the purchase order, please mark the color you require. If there is no message, we will take it for granted that you have no preference for the color and will be arranged on a random basis.

 Package Includes:

  • 1 x DIY Digital Sundia(Does not contain base )


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