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Bendable Optical Computer Childrens Kids Eyewear Glasses Kids Frame

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$9.99 - $14.99
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Color: Pink+Sky Blue

A Must-Have for Digital Learning & Entertainment for Kids!

The versatile silicone material is hypoallergenic and friendly to sensitive young skin. And besides the screws in the frames, all models are metal-free. Every curve and corner has been rounded to keep kids safe and sound. The nose pads are all made of silicone, which makes them so much comfortable to wear. Because Kids are exposed to technology earlier and earlier protecting their eyes from blue light is vital. Computers, laptops, TVs, smartphones, tablets, and video game systems are all sources of artificial blue light, and overexposure is a real eye-health concern. By blocking more than 97% of the most harmful blue light rays and 99.9% UV rays to protect children's eyes.

Ultra-Light & Durable: Made of Silica gel materials, they are bendable, flexible, and ultra-light, weighing only 0.72 OZ. Designed for smaller faces, they are perfectly sized to rest on kid’s faces comfortably, not too loose, or too tight.

Anti-blue lens effectively blocks blue light, radiation, and reduces eye damage


  • Anti-blue lens effectively blocks blue light, radiation, and reduces eye damage
  • Comfortable silicone, suitable for most the face type, comfortable to wear.
  • Mobile phones, computers, and other digital products screen emit harmful light sources, the anti-blue lens effectively blocks blue light, radiation, reduces eye damage.
  • Light yellowing, enhanced blue light permeability, high-definition vision, more solid film, not easy to scratch.
  • You can take it to your eye doctor to replace with a prescription lens


  • Frame width:138mm
  • Lens width::46mm
  • Lens Height:34mm
  • Bridge width:17mm
  • Temple Length:126mm
  • Frame Material: TPEE
  • Lens Material: Acrylic AC

Package Included:

  • 1x Children Silicone Glasses Frame


Product Sizing: