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Timing Kitchen Electronic Automatic Smart Scale (2kg)

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Timemore Black Mirror Digital Coffee Scale BASIC electronic scale pour over espresso coffee scale smart scale automatic Timing Kitchen scales 2kg.

Fast and accurate weight measuring, matching with various pour-over coffee techniques perfectly, remove complex buttons and units, reduce misoperation and minimize interference to pour over coffee process; reasonable design of LED display area achieves real-time reading of time and weight during the coffee-making process. The new version is designed with Auto-Timing function to help green hands make pour-over coffee easily.


It is only 1.0 inches (2.8cm) high and 0.88 pounds (400g), its scale surface is 6 inches (15.3cm) long and 3.5 inches (9cm) wide. It is accurate to 0.1s, 0.1g, with the minimum initial weighing of 0.5g, and the maximum bearing load of 2kg (4.41lbs).

The fine matte surface prevents fingerprints and unexpected scratches. Scale surface covering the whole base prevents infiltration of coffee liquid. Buy one product, get one silicon gel pad for free to insulate heat, prevent water stains, and protect scale surface.

No need to perform any distracting operations on the scale during the pour-over process, allowing you to control the extraction time and extraction weight without interference and enjoy the aroma changes of coffee.


  • Black Mirror Basic Coffee and Espresso Scale
  • Silicone head pad
  • USB to USB-C chargin cable

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