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Reusable Shopping Mesh Net Eco Bag Tote Fruit Vegetable (20 Colors )

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Are you Environmental Friendly? or want to do something to help our mother earth? Just do it now from little things in life to help our mother nature.

These tote reusable bags are convenient and practical at the same time, shopping bags come in different colors provide you the freedom to choose your favorite one. Matching different clothes to show your different styles. You can be stylish even if you go to the grocery market. The long handle allows you to hold them in your hands or loop them over your arms, and the reinforced handle allows it to withstand up to 40 pounds of agricultural products. The mesh fabric makes it very suitable for storing fruits and vegetables. With these net bags in cotton from more sustainable plantations, you avoid needing plastic bags when shopping.

Made with the highest standards of quality, so that they can be highly expanded to hold lots of goods, including long or bulky vegetables or other items. 

Breathable fabric allows ethylene gas to escape, let your produce keep fresh longer.

In addition, to mesh grocery reusable bags with a 20 variety of colors, you can choose your favorite color.


  • Durable Material100% Cotton Net Shopping Handbag, durable, eco-friendly, and good breathability to storage. Machine washable with cold water and dry easily without tumbling.
  • Less Plastic: The reusability of Net Shopping Handbag has resulted in many ways that have saved the planet from the damage of plastic bags. Suitable for storing fruits, vegetables, particularly swim gear in the summer, and carrying Beach Toys, and related stuff. Perfect for shopping, picnics, school, carrying toys, etc.
  • Large Capacity:  Can hold up to 18lbs(10kg). The cotton netting naturally stretches, more spacious. It looks much smaller than in the pictures, however, when you start filling it in with goods, it stretches and expands tremendously.
  • Two Size: there are two different sizes, a long handle shipping bag (suitable for shoulder) & a short handle bag (suitable for hand), you can take whichever you want.
  • Foldable and Portable: Fold one up and put it in your pocket or stuff it in your glove box. These are well made and will give you years of excellent service. They are machine washable to stay fresh and new. If you ever decide to throw the bag away, rest assured it's biodegradable and will decompose quickly.
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Type: Shopping Bag/Storage Bag/Vegetable bags/ Reusable bag
  • Size: (Handle x width x height) S-10x35x38cm; L-25x35x38cm
  • Color: 20 colors can choose

Package Include:
  •  1 x Reausable Bag

Note: (+ -1~3 cm, there may be slight differences between manual and different batches.)  Advantages: high-quality cotton, high/low-temperature resistance, leaching slip



Product Sizing: