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Electric Hand Massager Device Palm Finger with Air Pressure

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Have frequent strong handwork, and your wrist, finger muscle and joint get numb, stiff and sore, or even fingers deformed?
The Hand Massager is the perfect solution to these problems! Intelligent air pressure, point massage, heat compressor, massage the pressure points around the palms and fingers. Great gift for people who use their hands more without relaxation such as computer worker, pianist, and housewife.

The Total Hand Massager squeezes away the stress and strain of daily life to give you a robust massage experience that's nothing like you've ever tried before! The Hand Massager is designed to soothe and restore hands. Simply place your entire hand in the soft, cloth-lined chamber and turn it on. Built-in air pressure inflate and deflate to squeeze away aches and stress. At the same time, the heat compression function to care for your hand skin.
Wireless & Portable with Lightness

 Provide Maximum Portability


  • Smart Auto Timer hand massager: Adjustable Air pressure (circulating from low to high) with optional heating compressor massage for 5 minutes duration(preset 5 mins timer, 10mins, and 15 mins manual optional). Manually operate related function buttons to switch between air pressure and hot compress modes.
  • Wireless & Portable with Lightness: The lightweight of 750g lets anyone do massage from anywhere. provide maximum portability. It is suitable for home, office, and traveling to wireless use.
  • Best Gift for You, Your Friends and Family: Every day just spares 10-20 minutes to wear it after a tiring day using your hand, the massage will stimulate the hand nerves and help blood circulation of your hand, palm and finger to improve chilly finger in winter.
  • Beautiful your hand in a long round In long-term use, it also makes your hand skin tender and beautifies your hands.


  • Product Name: Hand Massager
  • Product Size: 21x17.8x10.4cm
  • Product Color: White
  • Product Weight: 750g
  • Rated Voltage: 110-220V

Product list:

  • 1x Hand Massager





Product Sizing: