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Mini Mobile Color Handheld Printer

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$64.99 - $179.99
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Color: 1 Printer

Want a tiny printer in your pocket anytime, anywhere?  DIY your own tote bag? or a Personalized for Pet T-shirt?

DIY your Personalized T-shirt, Gifts, Wedding invitation cards, Tattoos, Logistics, Warehouse, Retails, birthday party, Christmas day, thanksgiving day. Color inkjet personalizes ordinary objects, makes messages that stand out, and is the perfect tool for Enterprise Users with small production, arts, and crafts. The mini handheld portable full-color printer utilizes the latest 3-Color Thermal Ink-jet Technology that provides vivid color printing. The brush enables you to achieve most of the imagination and creativity in your life. 

User-friendly, Flexible. Supports Multiple Fonts and Layouts. Get creative with any design to add art or messages to the skin in a safe way.内页_12
Product Display: Print on the rough, curved, and uneven surface. It works on any texture or shape even on the skin, and can print over uneven surfaces with ease.


  • User-friendly, Flexible. It supports multiple fonts and layouts.
  • You can quickly adjust the size and position of your print and easily create different combinations of text and images right from your smartphone.
  • 6 hrs battery life, up to 1 yr standby time.
  • Color print
  • It works on any texture or shape even on the skin, and can print over uneven surfaces with ease.
  • Print on the rough, curved, and uneven surface.
  • Notice:  When opening and closing the door switch, hold the door tightly to the fuselage. If the cartridge is not used for a long time, it is recommended to put it back into the cartridge protective shell for preservation.

Attention Please Before Purchasing:

  1. The printing content can be kept all the time if printed on materials that absorb water, such as paper, cartons, etc.
  2. The printing content can be erased if printed on materials that do not absorb water, such as plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, etc. So, if want to keep contents all the time on plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, etc, need to buy permanent glue.


Q: How long can this cartridge be used?
A: This printer built-in one ink, this cartridge can use a maximum of 3000 times, about 1 year.
Q: What type of ink cartridge does this printer work with?
A: Universal HP62 
Q: How is this printer connected?
A: It supports a wifi USB connection, very easy.
Q: What material can he print?
A: It can works on any material, include t-shirts, glass, board, leather, paper, and so on.
Q: Can it be washed?
A: Unless paper, other material can be washed.
Q: What can it print?
A: It can print anything, it is a DIY printer, you can print logo, letter, expression, pattern, anything as you want. Just need to set the program in advance.
Q: What is his operating language?
A: It supports multi-language, it will synchronize your phone language.
Q: What phone system can be connected to?
A: Support IOS and android

    Package List:

    • Handheld Printer 
    • Rulers for advanced print
    • Manual
    • Ink cartridge shell
    • 5.Kongten Lid
    • 6.Type-C charging cable


    Product Sizing: