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Non-Stick Hamburger Meat Press

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Hamburger Meat Press Tool-Your Best Kitchen Hand!  Perfect Burger Press For You! Still, go outside for those stereotyped burgers which may contain some additive and preservative?  Why not complete control over ingredients and create your own burgers? Now with Non-Stick Hamburger Meat Press, you can have healthier and fresher homemade burgers by adding your favorite herbs and spices. Create your own flavors means you can cater to everyone's taste.

It is also a great way to get the whole family involved in the cooking and you will find that a burger you have made yourself from start to finish tastes so much better!


 Makes Delicious Stuffed Burgers every time!


  • Food-grade Material: Food-grade aluminum die-cast, pie plate as a whole, the quality is reliable. Food-grade aluminum alloy designed for a lifetime of use. Deluxe all-in-one burger press makes perfect patties, each and every time. Provides just enough pressure to make patties that can withstand falling apart on the grill. Yet, stops you from making patties that are too dense.   
  • Non-stick Coating Ensures No Damaged Patties: Aluminum alloy is covered in the non-stick coating which means raw meat will never stick to burger press. Make patties without damaging them when turning them out – they will slide right out of the burger press intact.   
  • Perfect Seared Effect Patties Each Time: Interior ridges give each patty a ribbed surface, which gives them that gorgeous seared look when cooked on the grill. Easily cleaned with soap and water, or just throw into dishwasher.   
  • Consistent Size & Shape: Palm Shaped Hamburger Press Handle Reduces Fatigue When Pressing Multiple Burgers - Consistent Size & Shape Every Time So They Cook Evenly On The Grill.


  • Material: Aluminum Aloy (Food Grade)
  • Handle: Plastic
  • Weight: 238g
  • Dishwasher safe.

Package List:

  • 1x Burger Maker

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