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Original Xiaomi Mijia 2 In 1 USB Charger International Power Strip Adapter 6 Ports Socket Converter Plug Outlet Magic-Cube

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Color: AU Plug wire


Type 1 :Mijia Magic-Socket Converter(Wired)

Type 2: Mijia Magic-Socket Converter (Wireless Version)

Cable Length : 1.5M

Prodcut Weight : 320g

Material: Flame retardant polycarbonate

Item Size: 63X63X63MM

USB Input : 100-240V~,50/60HZ,0.6A

USB Output : 5V----2.1A

USB Total Output Power : 15.5W

Working Enviroment: -10~40℃

Technical Parameter : 2500W Max, 10A Max, 250V~



Min size & portable

Square cube design

3 USB charging port

Multiple security protection

Electricity is provided on 4 sides, plug will not be chaotic

Exquisite and contracted square design, cabinet and beautiful, save more desktop space, electricity is provided on 4 sides, each socket does not interfere with each other, let you no longer to tidy up the desktop winding wire headache.

Smart quick charging, high efficiency and more safety

Provide 3 USB charging ports, single port support 5V 2.1A fast charging. Built-in automatic charging identification chip, automatic identification equipment. USB cable can be used to charge mobile-phones, tablets and other commonly used devices to provide a safe charging power.

Anti-overload protection, protect electricity safety

When the current exceeds the limit of 10A MAX*, the power supply will be cut off automatically to prevent overload. After the overload is eliminated, it can be manually restored and reused, alternative the fuse.

Independent safety Protective gate, dust & electric shock proof

New national standard combination of socket, to meet more electricity demand. Each jack is equipped with a safety door. When metal objects are inserted, a single hole requires more than 75N force to open, which prevent electric shock.

Strong flame retardant, effectively avoid fire-hazards

The shell is made of high quality PC material. It has passed the glow-wire test at 750°C and conforms to the national glow-wire test standard to ensure the safety of electricity use.

High quality copper material, good elasticity and durability

The use of high-quality copper as the internal conductive structure material, good elasticity, strong conductivity, not easy to heat, higher safety, 5000 times insertions and pullouts are still tight and not loose, with real materials to give you more security.

White soft light indicator, use state clear

Power switch, overload protection, power indicator 3 in 1, refuse tedious. After repeated tests of the color and brightness of the white soft light indicator light, unlike the old red indicator light, gentle white light, your night is not disturbed.

Light and portable, your travel good companion

Delicate appearance, small body, can easily put into the suitcase, travel essential items, suitable for a variety of electricity needs, charging no longer wait.

Wired and cordless versions are optional, adapting to different environment

The wired version is 1.5m in length, suitable for daily use at home or at work; Wireless version is simple and lightweight, to help you reasonable use of space, solve the problem of insufficient wall jack, more suitable for travel use.


The total power of the socket shall not exceed the rated power of 2500W.

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