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Posture Corrector Back Brace Support Back Adjustable Corrector Trainer

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Posture Corrector  Back Brace Support Back Adjustable Corrector Trainer for Women & Men

Do you spend hours in front of a computer or do you have back and shoulder soreness and discomfort? The Posture Corrector provides the much-needed support your body is seeking to help improve your overall spine health and posture. 

Posture corrector for women made of breathable latex-free material, ULTRA comfortable and invisible under your clothes. It is the number 1 discreet upper back posture corrector for home, the office, and sports.

Improve posture to stop hunching!

USE DAILY: This lightweight back support should be worn daily. The first couple of days wear it for 10-20 minutes only, then add 10 minutes every day. 

14 Days Evolution

OVERALL CORRECTION: Shoulder Support Brace Pull back your Upper Back to the right position. And then improve your whole body posture during work or life.


  • Easily get perfect confident posture - start standing, sitting much straighter.
  • Align your shoulders, spine, and upper back.
  • Improve posture & reduce slouching immediately with an easily adjustable dual strap design.
  • Lightweight padded neoprene corrector can be worn comfortably under or over the clothing.
  • Eliminates neck and back discomfort from sitting with rounded shoulders in front of the computer.
  • Wear all day to retrain your posture- it's nearly invisible when worn under a shirt.


  • Item Type:  Brackets & Clips supports
  • Material:  Cotton, ABS
  • Effect: Bone care
  • Posture Corrector
  • Shoulder support
  • Back Support

Package Content:

  • 1x Support Belt


Product Sizing: