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Cool Water Bike/Water Skipper Scooter For Adults - Water Sports

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Color: Non folding

 Take a Deep Breath and Enjoy Water Sports!

The water bike is made of aviation aluminum and fiberglass that is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. Sporting goods powered by heat are self-propelled. Quite fast. Take a deep breath and enjoy sports. The coolest water bike ever. 


  • With the feet on the platform and hands on the handles.
  • Simply bounce up and down to move forward. The wing boats lift the waterbird over the water.
  • You can move much faster than any other human-powered watercraft and have an excellent view of passers-by.
  • This device is made of aircraft aluminum and fiberglass. The fiberglass can hold a pressure of 20 tonnes so that the force is mainly emitted from the fiberglass.
  • Without any external grease or oil contaminating your body, timely use is fun and practical.
  • Now you can ride waves with the water bird, compete against your friends, and even try new tricks.


  • Weight capacity: from 32 kg to 114 kg.
  • Adjustable weight: 32-45 kg / 45-64 kg / 64-86 kg / 86-114 kg
  • Material: aircraft aluminium and fibreglass
  • Motor or motor: no.
  • Span width: 244 cm.
  • Length: 183 cm
  • Width: from 160 cm to 170 cm (adjustable).
Driving in the environment: when the water scooter glides on the water, it does not pollute the air, water quality, and noise.

Package contents:

  • 1 x Water scooter
  • 1 x User manual


Product Sizing: